LaToia Fitzgerald, born August 16th, is devout Mother and Fashion Designer. The coined Maybelline phrase, “Maybe she’s born with it” certainly rings true for this Philadelphia native, whose mother is a seamstress. Growing up in such an artistic household, where her step-father was a videographer and her mother handmade everything from drapes to costumes for large and small productions, it came as no surprise that LaToia would drift into the direction of the arts. 


Idolizing her mother, LaToia taught herself how to sew at the age of 10. She often designed and made her own clothes, which showcased her unique attention to detail. LaToia quickly became a young Fashion Icon in her city and often made clothes for her friends at the schools she attended. In 2000, while still in high school, LaToia was recognized and hired by Total Sport, a local Men’s Sportswear store, to design trendy athletic jerseys and jersey dresses for ladies. This opportunity, amongst others, led her in the direction of doing some coursework at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, to further hone her skills. 


In 2010, LaToia and her high school friend Michelle birthed a contemporary brand called, LaToiaMichelle, a dynamic brand modeled after their own style and personalities, while also portraying how successful young women dress in their daily lives. 

Her desire to expand her talents led to the launching of Dillonger Clothing, allowing for unique children to express their individuality through fashion. With her son Dillon being the face behind the brand, Dillonger is LaToia’s darling. They have been featured by PetiteParade in Kids’ fashion Week in New York City and Miami. 


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