About Us Trust your dopeness.

We all know that adults express themselves through fashion. It’s a way to tell the world who you are without saying a word. Children are often limited in this form of expression. That is no longer the case with Dillonger. Unique children now have a way to express their individuality through fashion.



Latoia Fitzgerald is the founder and creative director for Dillonger Clothing. She is obsessed with fashion, and has been since a child. Growing up in such an artistic household, where her mother handmade everything from drapes to costumes for large and small productions, it came as no surprise that Latoia would drift into the direction of the arts. Her desire to expand her talents led to the launching of Dillonger, allowing for unique children to express their individuality through fashion. With her son Dillon being the vision behind the brand, Dillonger is LaToia’s darling.

They have been featured in PetiteParade’s Kids’ fashion Week in New York City and Miami. Dillinger is a brand designed to promote confidence and greatness in our youth. Latoia’s goal with Dillonger is to have it be more than just a children’s clothing line. The goal is to motivate, inspire, and influence children and their loved ones who support them. Dillonger is not just devoted to building a brand but also devoted to promote children in the area of education. Latoia is a graduate of The Philadelphia School District and she realizes the pressure that inner city schools face. With her brand, she hopes to be able to build strong relationships with different communities and aid them in providing the necessary tools to promote healthy learning. Some celebrity children that can be spotted in Dillonger are, Derrick Rose Jr., Kasseem Dean Jr., Johan Jackson, and more.